Mon Oct 15 21:33:32 EST 2012

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

As I keep working through my collection of audiobooks, I've come to identify a few criteria that make for an enjoyable audiobook:

  • The reader must have a strong voice. It needs to be clearly understood over any background noise and be loud enough that I don't have to max out the volume and strain my ears.
  • It should be short, or is parts should be short. Once I start a file on my music player, I can't switch away without losing my place.
  • It should be fairly light. Uncomplicated fiction works best, because it's easier to recover from a moment's inattention.
  • The reader shouldn't have a thick accent. Sometimes it fits, but in general it increases the amount of mental effort required to follow the text, which makes outside distractions more likely to disrupt the story.
  • There must be a single reader. Swapping readers throughout a text makes for a jarring experience.

"Chip's" reading of Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow hits all these criteria. In parts, he sounds like a gentleman retelling a local myth rather than just a reader of a text. The reading runs just under 90 minutes, so it's a decent starting audiobook.

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