Mon Oct 15 21:15:23 EST 2012

Scarecrow and the Army of Theives

I recently finished reading Matthew Reilly's Scarecrow and the Army of Theives. It's like every other book he writes: an action movie in book form. Small team of crack soldiers triumph over ridiculous odds while causing big explosions in bizarre set-pieces. It's reasonably fun, you'll finish it in a couple of hours, and you'll want a bucket of popcorn to accompany it.

What's that? You're still reading? Well, I have one observation: If you want to give a character intellectual godmode, a great way to give that impression is to take a surprising event from your canon and claim that your mastermind predicted it impossibly far in advance.

There are a few books that I own because I feel they're worth sharing. This is not one of them.

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