Last updated: January 14, 2024

My tier list of Slam Jams — songs mashed up with the Space Jam theme. Slamming was popular on the internet for a while (usually mashing up music from 90's TV shows or games), and I remain a fan of the art form even though many slams are flat-out bad.

This is all personal preference, so the rankings are pretty much made up. A good slam usually needs to a) be a good idea, b) sound good, and c) have a funny photoshop of Charles Barkley's face.

S — Slammin'

Slam with the best. S-tier jams are the highest expression of this art form.

A — All-Star

A-tier slams still jam, but lack that special something to move them up to the S-tier.

B — Baller

B-tier slams are pretty good. Expect occasional rough patches in the music.

C — Competent

C-tier slams are decent enough listening, maybe with a couple of high points.

D — Dunked

D-tier slams have a cool idea or a clever passage in the song, but don't really hang together as a whole.

F — Foul

I'm not sure I'll ever list many things something here, because I don't plan on cataloguing every Slam Jam in this world.

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