Reading RSS with gnus

Posted on February 19, 2013 by Jack Kelly
Tags: emacs

UPDATE: I multiplex my RSS feeds now and sanitise them client-side.

I read a few online comics. I’ve been meaning to subsribe to their RSS feeds for some time, instead of repeatedly refreshing them as a form of procrastination. It turns out that Gnus can do this quite easily.

Press “G R” (gnus-group-make-rss-group) in the *Group* buffer, enter the feed URL and give it a name. It failed to parse one feed, forcing me to run the offending feed through The Feed Sanitiser.

It’s neat, but I won’t be 100% happy until I can get emacs to display the images inline. I don’t like relying on an external webapp for sanitation and Gnus is a bit slow at updating all the groups. In the future I’d like to have an RSS multiplexer that output one sanitised feed that I could read straight from disk.

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