Final Voyage of 2012

Posted on November 24, 2012 by Jack Kelly
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Well, that’s it. I’ve finished my final voyage for the year. It was a good chance to train up our new crew and for me to get some more things ticked off in my work book. This one took us to Bruny Island, then Maria Island and back to Bruny on the final day. On the final day, we had the local wildlife come up to greet us:

Barnes Bay Swans

And during that final day, we had some interesting cloud patterns develop:

Wall of Cloud

But in general, I didn’t use the camera. I’ve been up and down the coast enough that I’m more concerned with keeping up on sleep and getting my work book finished than taking happy snaps. We did see whales coming back from Maria Island, but they were too far away to photograph, and we had dolphins when I was asleep below. Amusingly, we had an alert on our INMARSAT warning about an “area temporarily dangerous to navigation due to rocket carrier elements falling daily”. It was well clear of us, so we weren’t bothered.

Instead, I’ll share a gem from a voyage late last year. We had a waypoint to hit at a certain time, and even at idle revs we were going too fast. So to waste a bit of time, the first mate signed his initials in the chart plotter:

Signing the Chart Plotter

When he came in for breakfast, all he said was that we were going too fast and that he’d put the crew through some maneuvering drills.

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