Another Voyage

Posted on May 14, 2012 by Jack Kelly
Tags: windeward_bound, miscellaneous

Well, I’m back in port again, having spent eight days sailing up and down the coast with another school crew. I have no new photos and no real new stories this time (though I missed some great shots of a fat yellow full moon as it was rising). We took the kids out, everyone got seasick, then they got better. Everyone cleaned the ship each morning and stood watch through the day. By the end of it we had a great crew who helped navigate the ship through the final two days of its voyage.

Someone needs to patch the tubes, because the internet leaked into the real world with this crew. When they were off watch, they were sitting around talking about rage comics and other internet culture and one of them even asked me “when does the narwhal bacon?”. This seems silly to me. These people are on a literal once-in-a-lifetime experience and yet they’re still online in their head? One of the best things about these trips is the chance to take a break from the online world.

The other strange thing about this trip was how compressed their culture appears to have become. The kids from the internet were singing the Pokemon theme song at one point, the same one that was on TV when I was in high school. Some of the kids still talked fondly about their N64 and SNES when I’m pretty sure they weren’t even born when the SNES was released.

I’m not sure whether to be happy that people continue to play the games I consider classics or disappointed that things have advanced so little.

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