Another Port Davey Voyage

Posted on April 7, 2012 by Jack Kelly
Tags: windeward_bound

We’ve just come back from another voyage. This one was ten days at sea, training a new voyage crew from another school. Two crews, actually: we sailed one crew to Port Davey so they could hike from Melaleuca back to civilisation, and we took on another crew of walkers who had walked in.

I have a rule about Port Davey: never trust a hot, still, sunny day. I coined this rule after we dragged anchor in Joe Page Bay last November. That rule proved correct again, when a front came in just as we finished weighing anchor one morning. The wind quickly picked up, sending us all scurrying up the rigging to sea-gasket sail. That was a good experience, as even a few months ago I would not have worked well enough aloft to be useful in such a situation.

The most interesting thing that happened on the trip was the adjustment of daylight savings time. When the shift happened, we were in Port Davey and chose to ignore it. Once we returned to Recherche Bay, we had to come back to the real world. To do that, we extended three watches by 20 minutes each and stepped the clock back one hour after that.

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