Another Voyage in March

Posted on March 25, 2012 by Jack Kelly
Tags: windeward_bound

I’m back from another five days at sea. The weather didn’t give us exactly what we wanted, but we motored down to Recherche bay, where I saw one of the best sunrises I’ve seen so far. Naturally, the camera did a poor job of capturing it, but here goes:

Sunrise at Recherche

A couple of days later, we headed out the southern end of the channel to meet up with the HMB Endeavour replica.

Endeavour at a Distance

The first mate was ready for this, and had his signal flags ready. This one said “welcome”. Endeavour responded with something like “our weapons are not impeding your vessel” and a couple of salutes on their cannon.

Signal Flags

We sailed side-by-side for a while, before going our separate ways.

Endeavour from the Side

When we came back, we had a look at her inside. She’s moored just behind the Sea Shepherd vessel, Bob Barker.

Endeavour (Stern View) Bob Barker

For this voyage, I was one of the watch leaders, which means I didn’t have much time to sleep or read. I made it through one book, though, which I will write about shortly.

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