Evolution of a nickname

Posted on February 8, 2012 by Jack Kelly
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I’m not usually one to get a nickname. I’d get the odd “Jacko” occasionally, but that was about it. For some reason, that’s changed on the ship. As an excuse to learn the DOT language, here is a summary of my various nicknames:

It started with “Jack”, unsurprisingly. After we watched far too much Hornblower, that turned into “Mr. Kelly”. The common instinct to abbreviate turned that into “Kelly”. Working as an assistant watch leader, I had to remember a lot of things for my watch leader and do occasional mental calculations. The result? I was called “iJack” for a short time. At some point, the use of the “-dog” suffix entered the crew’s vocabulary. In addition to the term “mad-dog”, it turned “Kelly” into “Keldog”.

Messing with the sounds of “Keldog” resulted in “Kelhog”, “Helldog” and Kellog” (the fo’c’sle, where I was bunked at the time, was briefly known as the cereal box as a result). Mixing “Keldog” and “iJack” created “Kelbot”, and combining “Kelhog” and “Helldog” spawned “Hellhog”. Some time after Christmas, “Kellog” became “Eggnog”.

Confused? Here’s a chart:

Nickname Graph

The .dot file for this was trivial:

digraph {
  Jack -> "Mr. Kelly";
  Jack -> iJack;
  "Mr. Kelly" -> Kelly;
  Kelly -> Keldog;
  Keldog -> { Kelhog; Helldog; Kellog; Kelbot };
  Kelhog -> Hellhog;
  Helldog -> Hellhog;
  Kellog -> Eggnog;
  iJack -> Kelbot;
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