Sat Jan 14 12:45:10 EST 2012

Wild Dayz

Another voyage complete, another delayed post. This time, we took a bunch of Venturers who were in Tasmania for their Venture (called Wild Dayz this year) on a five-day voyage. The performed exceptionally well, and it's worth trying to understand why. The number of people (within Scouts) who sign off on their permission forms is apparently quite high, so the best people are the ones most likely to be selected. Further, the Venturers would be used to going into unfamiliar situations and doing cool stuff, so I would expect them to adapt quickly.

I never took the camera out during the voyage, which was a shame. There was some really beautiful sights along the way, but I was on watch and couldn't go below. I was up the rigging furling a sail during a squall, and one of the rainbows looked like it ended on a bulk carrier at anchor nearby. Leprechauns have apparently upgraded their logistics.

I did get one photo once we finished the voyage. At sea, the bilges are checked every half-hour so we're not taken by surprise if something unusual starts happening. (Each of the ship's watertight compartments has a bilge beneath it, where liquid eventually drains into.) Even though we have alarms that trigger if the bilges fill, we make the trainees check them because it's part of the ship's routine. On the last day, one of the trainees drew this:

Check All The Bilges

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