Tue Dec 20 17:12:24 EST 2011

How not to Moor

At the end of the day, we put a lot of effort into mooring the ship properly. After the four lines that bring the ship alongside, we run out two thick hawsers on the starboard side. The combined effect is that the ship can't drift into or away from the wharf. After that, we double up the port lines for extra security. Here's an anti-example:

Jeremiah Ryan

Hint: The bowline isn't meant to run under the bow. She's just in front of our berth and can cause us a lot of trouble when we try to get alongside. The other day we tried to come in and the wind kept blowing her right out each time we tried to get past. Eventually we gave up, moored in front of her, let our passengers off, tightened up her lines and then got in.

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